Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NBI Charged 11 Call Center Employees for Selling Viagra Online

by Call Center Gal on October 2, 2010

Do you really know if your call center job is operating within the bounds of law? This sounds really weird since you may have done your assignment before showing up for a call center job interview right?

Thinking of Call Center Year End Parties

by Call Center Gal on October 3, 2010

It is the time of the year again. If you are working in a call center you would have experienced how hard it is to work everyday, much as how they also party hard. I can say that year end parties are really meant to be the biggest gathering of the call center employees, don’t you agree?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hardware Account in Call Centers

by Call Center Gal on October 9, 2010

It is very interesting to know that we call center jobs would cater to a lot of business segments.

There are some accounts that cater to clothing, fashion and funky accessories. There are also some that covers technical stuff for information, order and repair. Would you believe that even purchasing door knobs can be an account in a call center?

If you will take calls for this client, then you have to be familiar on the different types of door knobs based on the need of the customer and the look and feel that they want for a unit. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Call Center Jobs at 16th Jobs Fair at the Mega

by Call Center Gal on October 9, 2010

Just want to inform you guys that you can check out the call center jobs that are posted at the 16th Jobs Fair at the Mega. Of course there are just other jobs posted aside from the BPO ones. But just in case you know someone who is interested to be part of the call center industry then feel free to pass the word around.

Don’t forget to check 0ut my tips on how to ace call center job interviews and let me know if that does help you in a way. Aside from placing a comment feel free to pass this link to the article as well, and I would really appreciate it.

Breaking the Ice with Visiting Clients

by Call Center Gal on October 9, 2010

Do you know who to ask or where to go should your visiting client asks for some gurkha cigars?

Well, that may be one of the casual questions your client may ask especially if he does smoke that type of cigar. Of course, he won’t open that question during team and account meetings. He might just have the guts to ask about it during breaks.

Maybe questions like those are also his way of breaking the ice and to let you feel more comfortable in your conversation. Just be mindful of keeping the boundary and not offer too much information, because remember, he is still your client.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Health Card in Call Centers

by Call Center Gal on October 10, 2010

Do you know if your call center gives you a health card as part of your benefit package?

In my opinion, that should be one of your concerns to consider as soon as you decided to apply for a call center job. Health concerns in a call center environment is no secret. Working for eight hours (or more) taking calls can easily drain your energy, especially that you have to take care of a lot of metrics while doing that.

Also, you are doing multitasking jobs while being timed for each interaction. Add the odd shift that you need to attend to as that adds stress up to a certain level. These things might not be a big deal for now, but this is something that we should all consider if we are working for a very dynamic work environment like that of call centers.

Leaving Your Electronic Gadgets On Lockers

by Call Center Gal on October 10, 2010

Unlike other offices, call centers have this kind of certain security measures that is quite unique if you will compare it with other businesses. You are only allowed to use your mobile phones and other electronic gadgets in certain areas in the office. You can place your gadgets on lockers and cabinet locks on some call center offices for safety. Also, some call centers have some public stations designated to drop off and pick up their gadgets before and after shift.

This is something that everyone should follow, in my opinion. Businesses like call centers have to be careful about their client’s data to establish trust and confidence. This is the same as how you would want to protect your job in the company. So the next time that you’ll be asked to leave your stuff, always make it a point to comply. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.